• Dimensions XL - L.290 x B. 520
  • Dimensions XXL - L.290 x W.570
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An awning can make your tent experience even better. You just open the awning and in a few minutes you have an extra area where you can enjoy the shade or be in dry weather for the rain.
Our awning set consists of awning, telescopic poles, ropes and pegs and can be set up in a few minutes. Simply zip the awning onto the rain fly and stretch it out using the telescopic poles. The sides of the awning consist of two triangular sails, which you can stretch out to get an even larger area or roll up, so you have a better view of the beautiful nature.
The awning must be ordered in the same size and color as your roof tent, so that it fits together.
Fits Peak roof tents from 2021 onwards.