Peak XXL 4 person roof tent


Tent L.220 x B.197 x H.115cm
Hardshell L.200 x B.120 x H.26cm
Weight 75kg
Product price 2.995,00
Add-ons total 00,0€
Price in total 2.995,00
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Peak XXL makes it easy to bring the whole family on adventures, as there is plenty of room for up to four adults - or two adults and two children, which it easily fits.

The hardshell box is of a good size, which fits most station wagon or SUV rooftops. The smartest thing is that the tent folds out over the side of the car, which gives you a larger area than in most other rooftop tents.

The tent is designed with skylight and windows on the sides, providing you with both good ventilation and a nice daylight inside the tent. And when it's bedtime, you can enjoy the view of the stellar sky from all sides.

You do not have to worry about curious glances or unwanted visits from bugs and insects, as the tent has a tightly meshed mosquito net in all openings. The fixed tent fabric will also create privacy. The tent fabric is made of durable and breathable poly-cotton, which goes perfectly hand-in-hand with the Nordic climate.

Peak XXL is delivered including our upgraded 40 mm mattress. If you want to add even more comfort, you can upgrade with our anti-condensation mat, which at the same time will prevent condensation under the mattress. You can also mount both an awning and a annex.



Hardshell box Robust 5 mm black ABS plastic.
Tent cloth Poly-cotton. Weight: 300 grams / meter. Impregnation: PU-coated. Water column pressure: 3000 mm
Rain fly 420D Oxford polyester. Impregnation: PU-coated. Water column pressure: 3000 mm
Mosquito net Tight mesh with 900 holes per inch.
Skylight Clear plastic with fixed mosquito net.
Mattress 40 mm upgraded high density comfort foam.
Ladder Aluminum with telescopic extension up to 230 cm. Maximum 150 kilo load.
Opening Semi-automatic with hydraulic gas dampers.
Floor Polished aluminum panel sandwich with 23 mm insulating honeycomb panels.
Max load weight 400 kilo.
Roof tent Weight 75 kilos.

Dimensional drawing



If you, like many others are all in on black, this is the tent color for you. This thunderBlack color is stylish, cool looking and fits most cars. You barely see it at nighttime, and it looks brilliant in the daytime. In direct sunlight the tent fabric can appear red inside. The tent body is in black polyester yarn, while the rain fly is in black poly-oxford. Year of introduction: 2022


The dark gray color is timeless and one of our absolute bestsellers. The stylish dark gray look is discreet, fits most cars and creates a cozy atmosphere inside the tent. The tent body is in dark gray poly-cotton, while the rain fly is in a gray-blue poly-oxford. Year of introduction: 2020.


Our beautiful light green color is the perfect choice if you want to blend in with your natural surroundings. It almost feels like sleeping in a cozy cave, covered with the most astonishing green leaves. The tent body is in light green poly-cotton, while the rain fly is in green poly-oxford. Year of introduction: 2020.


Simply install the roof tent on the roof racks and mount the included brackets that will fit most roof racks - regardless of whether the roof racks are square or have a wing profile.

Before ordering, it is a good idea to check the dynamic roof weight of your car. You can look it up at or in the car's manual. This weight is the maximum weight of the car while driving. When the car stops, it's a different matter. Here the weight became static, and the car and roof racks can hold an incredible amount of weight, so you can easily climb three or four people up in the tent.

Read more about installing and weight limits on the page Worth knowing


Once your Peak XXL is installed on the roof of your car, the adventure awaits just around the corner. Better yet - it only takes 1 minute to assemble! Just click open the buckles, pull up the hardshell lid and let the semi-automatic opening do the rest. Pull out the ladder and tilt the tent over the side of the car. Remember to adjust the ladder to fit the height of your car - and make sure it is locked in a joint. Now place the rain fly poles and you are ready to crawl into bed!

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