Deluxe mattress - Double


Provides ultimate sleeping comfort



Sea to Summit self-inflating Deluxe Double, (201x132cm) mattress is for those who need even more sleeping comfort.

Most people sleep well on the Peak tents original mattress with a mattress pad underneath, but some people with a bad back or need extra sleeping comfort can benefit from this delicious deluxe mattress.

The mattress contains both delta core foam and horizontal air ducts, so you sleep like a dream. It has a soft and comfortable surface in Stretch polyester.

If you choose this deluxe mattress, we recommend removing the original mattress from the tent, purchasing a mattress pad and using this as a base for the deluxe mattress. This so that no condensation occurs under the mattress and that you do not damage it. During transport, you can thereby close the air out of the deluxe mattress and have both the mattress base and the deluxe mattress lying flat in the tent while driving. Remember to close the valves COMPLETELY so that the mattress does not start to inflate itself while driving, as this can damage the tent.

Depending on whether you prefer a slightly softer or harder inflation, you can either release a little air or blow a little extra air into the mattress. Several customers use a small battery pump if they want a harder inflated mattress.

When the mattresses are brand new, it is important before first use to leave them with the valves open for at least 24 hours, as the foam is highly compressed from production.


Does the mattress fit in my tent?

Peak XL roof top tent
– 2 x Deluxe Single, for 2 adults
– 1 x Deluxe Double, for 2 adults.

Peak XXL roof top tent
– 1 x Deluxe Double, for 2 adults.
– 2 x Deluxe Single, for 2 adults.
1 x Deluxe Double + 1 x Deluxe Single, for 2 adults + 2 children.

Ved køb af 1 x Deluxe double + 1 x Deluxe Single madrasser vil de tilsammen fylde hele bunden af dit Peak XXL tagtelt, med en smule i overskud ved teltbøjlen som blot må bukkes lidt op.
Take care that the mattress does not rest on sharp edges. See the last 2 photos of Peak XXL for this option.



Material: 30D Stretch / 75D polyester. TPU lamination.

Dimensions: 201 x 132 x 10cm

Weight: 4225 grams

Package volume: Ø30 x 65cm


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