Tent tie down


Tightens the tent up tight and also secures the tent in bad weather

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Secure your tent in wind and weather!

We recommend stretching the tent cloth completely by leveling the floor with a Moby Mountain "Tent tie down".
Pass a "Tent tie down" through your rim on the car - or around a strong peg in the ground.
Then bring your “Tent tie down” up around the top rung(s) of the ladder and tighten.
Tighten until the tent floor is level and the tent fabric is fully stretched.
You can advantageously pull the ladder's feet a little further away from the car to completely level the floor of the tent.
If the surface is soft or slippery, a strap can be run from a Tent tie down to the bottom rung of the ladder to ensure that the ladder does not move.

Our Tent tie downs are wide straps with a protected metal buckle to avoid scratching the car paint.

Sold in sets of 2 pcs.